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Love Hurts: Denver Craigslist Missed Connections

Oh to be young and in love.

El Taco De Mexico, the scene of a recent missed connection.
El Taco De Mexico, the scene of a recent missed connection.

Love is being dished up hot and steamy at Denver restaurants and events as of late. Perhaps you locked eyes with a sultry siren over your plate of tacos and were too shy to make your lusty love known. Take a second look at the following Craigslist missed connections posts to see if love is on the menu.


El Taco de Mexico - m4w (Denver): "You were at El Taco de Mexico on Monday at around 3 with two of your friends. You have red hair and were wearing black with gray pants, and insanely gorgeous! I was with my boss-black hat and work clothes. Here goes nothing!"


Mile High Flea Market co-worker - m4w (Flea Market): "You work in one of the Turkey stands and your name starts with an S. I think you are gorgeous. Every now and then I'm lucky and get to see you at work and have a hard time keeping my eyes off you. I never bother you too much because I don't think I'd have a chance with you. Just had to get this off my chest."


twin peaks fries - m4w (lakewood): "Should've asked for your number, I introduced you to french fries with mustard lol get back to me."


armandos ristorante- your smile - m4w (aurora/parker/denver): "You waited on me in the bar. I was alone and left my name and number on a slip. You are stunningly beautiful and you seem incredibly sweet. You have blond hair and you are very petite. You didn't stop smiling the entire time I watched you work If you see this you'll remember me. Let's hang out."


Beauty at Oktoberfest Saturday evening - m4w (Denver): "You flagged me down because of my shirt. You were out with some friends, celebrating your birthday. Turns out we are from the same state. You are stunningly beautiful and I wish I was able to say more at the time. I'd love to have a drink or coffee with you. Tell me what state we are from and what birthday you celebrated (which I don't believe you told me the correct number) or something else from our conversation so I know it's you."


Nick at Cannon Ball Creek Brewing Company approx. 2 months ago - w4m (Golden): "Nick, I really enjoyed a lot of laughs with you over a couple of beers. You asked for my number, which I was hesitant to give you only because things were complicated in my life at that time. I never did hear from you because I an guessing you weren't up for complicated which actually speaks volumes about you and it is a quality I really respect. I mentioned and emphasized hanging out as friends at first to see where it went from there. As you probably deduced that is because things were truly up in the air with someone else.

Well the 'complicated' part isn't an issue any longer. That gyro and wine sounds great! I don't know if I completely missed my opportunity but thought I might as well try. If nothing less, thank you for reminding me of what can be had at less than a complicated cost. Thanks for making me laugh. By the way my number changed a couple of weeks ago. B"

El Taco De Mexico

714 Santa Fe Drive, , CO 80204 (303) 623-3926 Visit Website

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

393 Washington Avenue, , CO 80403 (303) 278-0111 Visit Website