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Uncorked Kitchen Opens Today in Centennial

The creative new concept combines dining with learning.

The space boasts stunning views of the Rockies.
The space boasts stunning views of the Rockies.

Opening today at 8171 South Chester Street in Centennial is the interactive dining experience, brainchild of Katie and Eric Robbins, Uncorked Kitchen. At Uncorked, guests are an active part of the cooking experience- the lines between kitchen and dining room are blurred to make for a truly community-driven eatery.

The new Centennial concept will host a smattering of events coming up including a French desserts workshop, beer cooking class with Declaration Brewing, and family Halloween fun. Events like these will be the norm at Uncorked, which will host regular cooking classes for children and teens as well as more adult-oriented activities at the wine bar.

Plan your next outing, with or without the kids, at this one-of-a-kind space.