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Syrup to Fill the Breakfast Void in City Park

The new a.m. eatery will replace Le Peep on York.

Andra Zeppelin

When Le Peep shuttered at 1875 York Street in the City Park neighborhood in August, it left a noticeable vacuum of dining options in the area, specifically in the breakfast category. Today BusinessDen published the news that a new breakfast joint will fill the void.

Syrup, helmed by restaurant owner and City Park resident, Tim Doherty, will open its third incarnation at the former Le Peep space in early 2016. Before that happens though, the building will undergo dramatic renovations in the neighborhood of $400,000. Doherty is no rookie to the Denver restaurant world- he also plans to open a comfort food eatery on the 2700 block of Welton Street sometime next summer.