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'South Park' Episode Pokes Fun at Gentrifying Neighborhoods

SoDoSoPa sounds a lot like a neighborhood in Denver.

Colorado-based irreverent cartoon comedy, South Park, is swiftly underway in its 19th season. Creators and Colorado natives Matt Stone and Trey Parker shield no person, place, or thing from comedic mockery and the third new episode of their show, which aired on September 30, referenced many things that hit really close to home, their Mile High City home that is. There are so many possible references to Denver's growth, hip new neighborhoods, and gentrification that we could not help but wonder...

Here's what happens: South Park residents are going crazy over a newly rebranded, formerly dodgy area of town just South of Downtown. The 'hood dubbed SoDoSoPa (South Downtown South Park) sounds a whole lot like our own RiNo Arts District. In gentrification mode, South Park residents aim revitalize this formerly disenfranchised sector of town with "small businesses like artisan cheese shops and noodle houses." Scenes from SoDoSoPa feature hip spots moving into existing old buildings- "It's part of what gives a revitalized area like that its charm that the hipsters like." A server at one of the trendy new eateries, Steed, even sports a man bun.

The following quotes about SoDoSoPa from the recent episode could easily be applied to Denver's changing demographic:

...Quaint center of artisan shops and cafes.

I thought this area was just going to stay shitty forever.

If you people want to turn something into a vibrant arts district, then do it to Randy's house.

There's a certain quality and vibe to the energy that is SoDoSoPa.

...The rustic charm of a mixed income crowd.

We're going to head back to SoDoSoPa for some curious fusion delights.

The newest episode targets Yelpers. More on the roast here.