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Sneak Peak: Il Porcellino Salumi Will Open on Tennyson Next Week

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The highly anticipated salumi emporium will finally be open on October 22.

Salumi fans everywhere have been waiting impatiently for the delayed opening of Il Porcellino Salumi at 4334 W 41st Avenue off of Tennyson Street. Chef-owners Brian Albano and Bill Miner are finally ready to open the butcher shop/deli after three years of planning and have announced Thursday, October 22 as the grand opening date.

It's safe to say that Albano and Miner are passionate about heritage breed pigs, sourcing the shop's pork product from different local farmers including Mcdonald Family Farm and Corner Post Meats of Colorado. The animals will then be broken down and processed in-house where they will undergo the magical transformation into chorizo, salami, bacon, pastrami, Cajun-style Tasso ham, prosciutto, coppa, chicharrones and more. Bonus: Il Porcellino Salumi will be selling the fat, lard, bone broths, stocks, and demi glaces for patrons to use in home cooking as well.

The space will function both as a carry-out butcher and deli as well as a sit-down dining establishment where guests can enjoy sandwiches made with local meat butchered and cured in-house. The deli will also serve soups, salads, and platters, as well as offer a selection of local artisanal goods like cheeses, jams, and pickles. The small shop will not open with a liquor license, but plans to obtain one for wine and beer sales are in the works.