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Seven Reasons Why The Cherry Cricket is a Denver Institution

The Cherry Creek haunt celebrates its seventieth birthday today.


1) The Cherry Cricket is the black sheep of Cherry Creek. In what is undoubtedly the 'swankiest' neighborhood in Denver, an enclave filled with designer boutiques, trendy restaurants, and home decor shops from the future, the Cherry Cricket stands out like a sore thumb. The character of the Cherry Cricket has shifted over the years- through various owners, menu changes, lineup of regulars, and beer options. However since its genesis in 1945, the Cricket has unabashedly carried the title of the black sheep of the neighborhood with pride. It is a testament to remaining true to one's original quality in a neighborhood where trendiness is king, and we applaud them for it.

2) Because, the burgers. Seventy years after opening its doors, the Cherry Cricket is still making some of the best burgers in town. The burgers are not the over-the-top spectacle variety served with foie gras and the like, but rather they are the classic burgers of our memories. The topping choices are extensive and can really take that traditional, time-tested, charbroiled burger to the next level.

3) Being owned by the Breckenridge-Wynkoop group has its perks. The craft beer giant purchased the Cherry Cricket in 2000, one of many changes of ownership that the restaurant has seen in its seventy year tenure. It may be expected that being bought out by one of the city's largest companies would ultimately change the fabric of the Cricket. That has certainly not been the case here. Breckenridge-Wynkoop has allowed the Cricket to continue being its unique self, albeit with a slight change to the beer list, which now focuses more on craft and less on macro.

4) If it's not already, it could be the place where everybody knows your name. The Cricket's current general manager, Kathy Huddleston, and bar manager, Clifton Bell, have been serving the Cherry Creek neighborhood for a combined twenty-five years. The breed of hospitality that this experienced duo exhibits at the Cricket is one of friendliness, familiarity, and fun. The convivial attitude trickles down from management to all members of the team at Cherry Cricket, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for patrons.

5) It's an establishment where prices will always be reasonable, especially at the anniversary soiree tonight. The event is a time-traveling throwback to the year 1945, including the prices. From 2 - 4 p.m. today, burgers will be $1.90 and Coors Banquet will run guests a whopping $0.72.

6) The Cricket is a sports bar in its own league. And most sports bars do not have the reputation for serving excellent food, which the Cricket most certainly does. Saddle up to the bar on a Bronco's game day and it will quickly become apparent why the classic sports bar has been attracting Denver's die hard fans for decades.

7) Because remembering the past is equally as important as planning for the future. Sure, the Cherry Cricket will never be the hippest place in Cherry Creek, but it will always boast an integral character that most of the other eateries in the neighborhood could never dream of. Even when it is not the Cricket's seventieth birthday month, there is still always tribute to the past years at play while the stellar management continues to propel the classic institution into the future. As Denver is in the wake of massive growth and transformation, it is exceedingly important to remember where our humble beginnings lie.

Cherry Cricket

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