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Rusty Bucket Lands Prime Location in LoHi

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This will be the second spot in Denver of the Ohio-based chain.

Rusty Bucket Ohio
Rusty Bucket Ohio

Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern is the first retail tenant to join a new luxury apartment complex in LoHi. Located at 2505 18th Street (18th and Central), Rusty Bucket will occupy 5,250-square feet of the development's main first floor.

The LoHi development is on the site formerly occupied by Mile High United Way. When it opens in the fall of 2016, it will include 317 apartments spread across two buildings. In addition to the space that Rusty Bucket will occupy, the building offers two additional retail spaces - 1,450 s.f. and 2,600 s.f.

The Rusty Bucket is based in Columbus, Ohio and has 19 locations in several states, including Michigan, Indiana, and Florida. It caters to a wide variety of diners, with casual bar fare, kids' options, a full bar program, and accommodations for both sports fans and business meetings. In addition to the upcoming LoHi location, there are plans to open another outpost in the Westminster's Orchard Town Center this coming spring.