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Black Eye Cap Hill Is Officially Open

And it is gorgeous!

Black Eye Cap Hill
Black Eye Cap Hill

The second edition of Black Eye Coffee, located in Capitol Hill, opened officially this morning in the Moto Apartments building at 820 Sherman Street. It is sleek, thoughtful, and charming in a way that no other coffee shop or eatery in Denver is.

The modern-meet-art-deco interior boasts dominating black tones and sharp geometric lines. Elegant touches like gold accents, plush olive-hued banquettes, rich woods, and soft lightning make you want to linger through breakfast and lunch and well into cocktail-appropriate hours.

Mornings bring carefully curated coffee in single-origin options — available in drip, pour-over or espresso-based styles. There are pastries from scones to muffins and fresh biscuits served with jams or savory butters. Lunch options expand, with a selection of dishes curated by chef Alex Figura of Lower 48 Kitchen. There are sandwiches and salads, but whatever you do, don't miss the Hatch chili and corn chowder. As the sun goes down, the menu changes into a much fancier evening gown. Pastas like the ricotta gnocchi, proteins like the confit pork belly, and vegetables like crispy broccoli panzanelle are complemented by bites and snacks that work well with a variety of crafted cocktails.

The special touches is what you'll love the most at the new Black Eye: The pretty gold-streaked wallpaper, the books-on-tape audio in the bathrooms (now featuring Dunes and the Keith Richards bio), the black spoon that arrives with your bowl of soup, and the gorgeous ice in cocktails. Attention to detail is the name of the game here.

The Black Eye team released a video chockfull of sounds and sights that will make you want to run over and get yourself a drink much before happy hour. The new shop is open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.