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Toby Keith's I Love This Bar Memorabilia Will Be Auctioned Off

You can finally have a mechanical bull to call your own.

I Love This Bar
I Love This Bar
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Toby Keith-autographed memorabilia and other equipment from I Love This Bar will be auctioned off by the City of Denver, the Denver Business Journal reported. The items were seized by the city from the Stapleton bar that closed last month.

The bar, just like sister bars across the country, was operated by Boomtown Entertainment. That company owes Denver about $70,000 in back taxes after the five year old restaurant shuttered in the Northfield complex.

What is up for sale? Anything from a signed guitar to a mechanical bull, with salt and pepper shakers, liquor bottles, plates and silverware, and some 40 flat-screen TVs in between. Just bring cash or a card on October 29 at the country-themed bar located at 8260 Northfield Boulevard. More details on the auction are available here.