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Los Chingones Brings More Mexican to the Tech Center

The modern Mexican restaurant made its debut at the Bellevue station.

Los Chingones DTC
Los Chingones DTC

A second location of super popular Los Chingones opened its doors to the public in the Denver Tech Center at  4959 S. Newport Street. Chef and owner Troy Guard's version of Mexican aesthetic and cuisine is reflected in the new 3,500 square foot space boasting an urbanized, industrial look countered by traditional Mexican accents. Come summer, a highlight of the new place will be the outdoor patio which seats 45 guests ready to enjoy Margaritas in the sun.

The new restaurant will continue to re-think traditional Mexican food by featuring unconventional proteins and flavors in dishes, such as guacamole with rattlesnake chorizo, and empanadas with antelope and wild boar, among others. Unlike the RiNo location, the DTC outpost will serve fresh oysters, shrimp, and ceviche with Mexican flare.

Los Chingones DTC

4959 S Newport St, Denver, CO 80224, USA