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Sneak Peek: ACR Tennyson to Open Next Wednesday

Behind the boarded up windows, Whole Foods freestanding flagship coffee retailer and roaster emerges with neighborhood feel.

Allegro Coffee Company has poured Colorado coffee drinkers delectable and organic beverages for close to 40 years, perhaps most notably available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. However, Allegro's powerful associations have never allowed it to stand on its own as a consumer facing brand – that is, until now. Next Wednesday, November 18, the company will open Allegro Coffee Roasters, or ACR Tennyson for short, on the corner of Tennyson Street and West 41st Avenue in a converted hardware store space.

With the slogan – "from seed to cup" – ACR Tennyson rests in a 4,000-square-foot space. Half of that square footage is dedicated to the roastery, which churns out varieties such as the "Mister Twister" blend, named after a ride at the old Elitch Gardens Theme Park, once upon a time in ACR's neighborhood. Origins, roasts and varieties will rotate, some seasonally.

A gleaming 30-foot white marble bar grounds the retail-restaurant space, along with an assortment community seating, from a wide wooden circular table to stadium seats and high tops. The wooden floors look and feel lived in and the army colored painted walls are reminiscent of the former uses of the space. Electrical outlets and WiFi will be available for patrons who wish to stay awhile and work.

Fresh, piping hot coffee is brewed every 30 minutes, and a "mod bar" station sits near the cash register, where different brewing methods may be requested by connoisseur guests. A Strata, handmade espresso machine from Florence Italy also rests on the bar top. One ACR special will be a latte with dark chocolate powder and an orange citrus burst. A wide array of loose leaf teas will also be available by the cup.

ACR Tennyson will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.