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Logan House Coffee Company Moves Into Production Space in RiNo

The RiNo coffee scene will welcome another newcomer very soon.

The space at 3200 Walnut Street looks promising
The space at 3200 Walnut Street looks promising

The newest addition to the vibrant coffee roasting culture in RiNo will be Logan House Coffee Company, located at 3200 Walnut St. The Logan House team just recently moved into its bright, new 3,500 square foot space and plans to start production, roasting, and events are in the works.

Logan House Coffee Company was born under the auspices of Brooks Gagstetter and roaster Andre Janusz in 2012 as a coffee roastery and delivery service. High quality, small batch beans in recycled glass wine bottles delivered right to your door? Yes please. We look forward to seeing what the brick-and-mortar adaptation of Logan House has in store.