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The Buzz on Golden's Abejas

Abejas means "bees" in Spanish, and there is certainly quite the buzz generating on Golden's hot new spot.

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A frothy new cocktail at Abejas
A frothy new cocktail at Abejas

The A+ News: One online reviewer notices the effort and thoughtfulness invested in Abejas: "Best food in Golden. By far.  Food is delicious and the portions are the right size.  So you walk out feeling full (unlike some other 'elegant' restaurants) but not stuffed (like all the too large portion places). Service is great.  Acoustics allow for the (good) music they play without drowning out conversation. Nice decor. Nice atmosphere. And the perfect location, since it's not right on the main drag (which can get a little loud) but just off.  And right next to that large parking lot that always has space.  The owners did their homework." [Google+]

The Enjoyable But Not Blown Away News: Most brand spanking new restaurants have room for improvement, and one Yelper and Golden dweller recognizes both immaturity and potential in Abejas in her four-star review: "As a local Golden dweller, I couldn't be happier to see a restaurant like this land here--much needed! The ambiance is really great--loved how they decorated and the size of it. Overall, it was enjoyable but we weren't blown away. It's only been open for a hot minute and there were a few things that need to be tweaked. [Yelp]

The Buzzy News: Zagat's compiled restaurant rating system popped out a shining description of Golden's new dining destination: "The name (Spanish for 'bees') captures the buzzy vibe at this Golden-based New American destination showcasing creative small plates (think roasted beets with plums and duck pastrami) and meaty main dishes served alongside locally sourced produce. Decked in reclaimed wood with high ceilings and leafy plant accents, the rustic space also features a small bar focusing on boutique wines and craft cocktails." [Zagat]

The Everything You Could Want News: 5280 urges readers to go to Abejas now: "Golden has almost everything you could want in Colorado: Gilded Age charm, beer, great climbing, even parking. And now, with Abejas (which means 'bees' in Spanish), the town has what it has always needed: a great neighborhood bistro serving quality food." [5280]

The Wonderful Surprise News: A few diners were pleasantly surprised by their meals at Abejas: "For openers, someone at the table ordered a sliced pate-rillette-type appetizer made from trotters and green beans. Never would have selected that dish, but it was wonderful. Main courses sampled included a rich, falling-off-the-bone-tender lamb shank; a thick, juicy, 10-ounce slab of pork; and roasted eggplant with a squash blossom stuffed with goat cheese. So recommend this restaurant." [Chowhound]

The Reservations Recommended News: It seems that reservations have become imperative at Abejas due to the buzz-worthy experience: "As we sat finishing our meal, I remarked to my husband, 'wow...I can't believe we're having a semi-fancy, bistro meal in Golden.' How it took this long to get this style of restaurant in this (not that small) town, is amazing to me. It's about time. Abejas is a very small restaurant that fills up quickly; we got a reservation the same afternoon but I would recommend a reservation." [Yelp]


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