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Tom's Home Cookin' Building on the Market

Owners of the beloved Five Points haunt are curious as to how much property values have risen in the neighborhood.


Co-owners of Tom's Home Cookin' in Five Points, Tom Unterwagner and Steve Jankousky, recently put the 1,350 square-foot property at 800 E. 26th Ave. on the market for $585,000 - allegedly just to see how much value the space has now as opposed to when they bought it for $186,000 in 2001. Denver Post reports that Jankousky and Unterwagner are open to any of the possible outcomes, including reopening the cherished comfort food eatery in a different location, if the numbers pan out.

The Five Points neighborhood, where Tom's has served southern-style soul food to hungry masses for fourteen years, is one of the Denver neighborhoods affected the most by gentrification. The area has cleaned up its act drastically, and with the onslaught of top notch eating and drinking establishments like Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen and Spangalang Brewery, a full-scale cultural revival has begun to take place. And developers and investor-types have begun to take notice - two of the buildings neighboring Tom's were just recently demolished to make way for new growth.

Now don't go giving up on catfish and collards just yet. Tom's in Five Points is not closing for certain, and Thanksgiving dish-ups will be happening every Thursday (except for on Thanksgiving Day when folks should be making their own feasts).

Tom's Home Cookin'

800 E. 26th Avenue, Denver, CO 80205 303 388 8035