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Fate Brewing Company Expands Production; App Tracks Your Oyster Preferences

And New Belgium Brewing cuts some gluten.

FATE Brewing Company expands into former Avery Brewing space

The building that housed Avery Brewing for over two decades, located at 5763 Arapahoe Ave in Boulder, is becoming production grounds for Fate Brewing Company. "We increased our fermentation capability by over 80% at the end of 2014 in our existing space at the brewpub located at 1600 38th Street in Boulder," said FATE Brewing Company owner Mike Lawinski "and that growth meant we met capacity in our current brewery footprint. The acquisition of the additional square footage and brewery equipment enables us to reward our loyal fans, the people who have loved our beer along the way and gotten us to where we are today." The Boulder brewery also recently signed on with Elite Brands of Colorado for statewide distribution and released three new canned products.

The oyster-tracking Pearl app releases upgrade

Pearl, an oyster-centric app that launched recently, released an update that allows users to create their own profile, check in at restaurants, track oysters they have eaten and share their oyster eating experiences with other users via a check in feed under each restaurant profile. Users will be able to fine tune the oysters they crave by creating a unique community. Bonus: Every time users checks in, they enter into a contest to win free oysters Pearl gives out weekly.

New Belgium Brewing joins the mutiny against gluten

They are not gluten-free but the latest year-round offerings from New Belgium, Glütiny Pale Ale and Glütiny Golden Ale, give beer drinkers new choices in the gluten-reduced category. The two beers will be available in New Belgium markets mid-January, 2016. The 5.2 ABV Glütiny Golden Ale features Nugget, Goldings, and Cascade hops, and it is then dry-hopped it again with Cascade. The 6.0 ABV Glütiny Pale Ale has a hefty dose of exotic Equinox hops, which bring out guava, papaya and stone fruits lending to a sweet, slightly toasty malt flavor. Additional hops include Chinook, Cascade and Crystal.

New Belgium Brewery

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