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Trademark Dispute Leads Modmarket to Change Name

Modern Market is the new moniker of the locally-grown chain.

Modmarket DIA
Modmarket DIA

After a trademark dispute with Seattle-based Mod Super Fast Pizza LLC, locally grown chain Modmarket will change its name to Modern Market. The switch is well-timed as the company plans a major expansion in several states, including California, Arizona and Washington, D.C., as well as additional restaurants in Colorado and Texas.

"Modern Market is a natural evolution of our company name and one we feel actually represents who we are and the food we offer even more than our previous moniker," explained co-founder Anthony Pigliacampo in a press release. "We often describe ourselves as a modern-day market where whole, clean, fresh foods are found and prepared. This name progression feels very right for us. It feels like a great fit for a long future of serving countless healthy meals."

Both names will be used interchangeably for the next few months until all assets are transitioned over.