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Tennyson St. BBQ Shutters in Berkeley

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The word in the neighborhood is that a sports bar will replace it.

Tennyson St. BBQ
Tennyson St. BBQ

In the midst of what seems to be Denver's barbecue renaissance, one joint in a neighborhood packed with eateries has shuttered. Tennyson St. BBQ shuttered a week ago. The place, originally led by chef Kevin Sher, opened in Berkeley less than a year ago. The space, set at 3961 Tennyson Street, was previously occupied by the Big Hoss Bar-B-Q.

There is no official word yet, but a neighborhood tipster tells Eater that a sports bar will replace the smoked meats emporium.

Meanwhile, Denver is not suffering at all on the barbecue front. Just this week, no less than three new barbecue spots are set to open: Carve in Glendale, Globe Hall in Denver's Globeville neighborhood, and GQue in Westminster.