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The Scoop on Black Eye Coffee CapHill

It's all good news for the new location on Sherman Avenue.

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The inside of the new location has guests buzzing.
The inside of the new location has guests buzzing.

The So Much More Than Just Coffee News: More than one reviewer took to the web to express their love for not just the coffee at Black Eye, (in fact, the coffee isn't mentioned nearly as much) but for the the delicious food as well. In particular, the breakfast biscuits and the chilaquiles seemed to blow customers away, with one saying "We ordered the chicken and biscuits and chilaquiles and WHOA." Another reviewer echoed that emotion, "The best part of our meal was the chilaquiles. Think nachos but so much better", followed by more praise for the biscuits: "The chicken and biscuits were unreal." [Yelp]

The Different as Night and Day News: One of the most unique aspects of Black Eye Coffee on Cap Hill is that it's a bright and buzzing cafe by day, and a romantic date spot by night. Starting at 5 p.m., the "coffee shop" trades its pastries for poutine, and vanilla syrups for vermouth. While the menu changes, the quality certainly does not. As 5280 Magazine put it, "This is a cafe where I could happily spend the whole day—and night." [5280]

The Prettier Sister News: In order to be taken seriously as not just a cafe but a high-end bar as well, the inside of Black Eye Caphill took to a seriously sophisticated vibe, much unlike its casual sibling in Highland. According to 303 Magazine, "Black Eye will gush with sexuality. Characterized by obsidian-colored counters, gilded accents and tessellated tiled floors, this sister location is so beautiful, it's intimidating—it's like the Sophia Loren of cafes." [303 Magazine]

The A+ Service News: On more than one occasion, the service was commended at the Cap Hill spot: "Excellent, friendly service," wrote one reviewer. "Great service was the icing on the cake!" said another. "Staff is beyond cordial and the hospitality exceeds any and all expectations every time you visit." And finally, "Every interaction I've had with the staff has been super friendly and comfortable, like you've known them forever!" [Facebook]

Black Eye Coffee

800 Sherman st, Denver, CO 80203 (303) 955-1205