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Anatomy of a Sausage at Wurstküche

Because a life without processed meats is hardly a life worth living.

Getting the char is part of the anatomy of a perfect hot dog or sausage.
Getting the char is part of the anatomy of a perfect hot dog or sausage.
Ryan Dearth

There are few things in life as simple, perfect, and intact as a tube of processed meat. The cylindrical encapsulations of processed meat trimmings are quite possibly one of the best vehicles ever created in which to host a wide variety of condiments and topping choices, and Denver has some truly great options when it comes to the meat tube of your liking. Los Angeles-born Wurstküche boasts a fine smattering of sausages at its Denver location. (Somebody call the World Health Organization).

Among the offerings at the sausage and beer emporium are a standard bratwurst, stuffed delicately with fine cuts of pork, coriander, and nutmeg. Or try the chicken apple & spices blended with specks of cinnamon. Maybe you prefer a Polish style kielbasa, made with a blend of pork, beef, onions, and spices. For the adventurous types: opt for the rattlesnake, rabbit, jalapeño frank or lamb with Mediterranean spices

Now let's get to the nitty gritty details. True, no one wants to watch the sausage being made, but we'd like to take a minute to sing the praises of processed meat. Pictured above is the kielbasa sausage, topped with slightly charred sweet peppers, rich caramelized onions, and tangy stone ground mustard. Note the delicate char and bubbling on the sausage.

Take a moment this weekend to pay tribute to your favorite hot dog in Denver - to let it know that you aren't abandoning it based on certain recent World Health Organization proclamations.


2036 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205 (303) 502-9226