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One Year Old Cho77 Ups Its Game With a Facelift

A few renovations and smart touches have been added to enhance the Southeast Asian street vibe at Cho77.


Cho77 has been one of the most pivotal restaurant openings in Denver in 2015, and the small Southeast Asian eatery is in the process of updating its look before the new year. A splashy and colorful installation of graffiti plays pop images of noodles, squid angels, and flames against the brick wall of the alley-like space. Chef Ryan Gorby emphasizes that the additions of the street art, as well as more relics of the streets of Asia, and other new, snappy touches to the space are meant to enhance the feeling that customers are in an alleyway in Southeast Asia.


42 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (720) 638-8179 Visit Website