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Return of a Classic: The 715 in Five Points to Rise from the Ashes

The old timer Denver bar will open again in the spring of 2016.

Thirty years of dust lies over The 715 Club.
Thirty years of dust lies over The 715 Club.

Five Points is a neighborhood in flux lately. With the recent closure of beloved Tom's Home Cookin', fresh faces like Spangalang and Dunbar, and now the recent announcement from Westword that the 715 Club will be resurrected, Five Points is certainly in a transformative phase.

Long-time Five Points residents fondly recall the golden days of the 715, decades ago, and most Denverites will surely recognize the sign on 26th and Welton streets, a relic of days past. New owners, Sudhir Kudva, Corey Costello, and Michael Reilly, have a ton of combined experience in breathing new life into old drinking establishments without tarnishing much of the original concept or integrity. The trio is responsible for the favorably-received renovation of the Squire three years ago, and Costello and Reilly have been heavily involved with Matchbox.

Most of the existing artifacts of the 715 will be incorporated into the reopening of the bar, with new touches like a redone bar top and expanded patio. The Bean Foundation, the non-profit that currently owns the space, would only strike a deal with an ownership unit that intended to keep the historical value of the bar intact. The Reilly, Kudva, and Costello unit won the bid for leasing the space with the best business plan and respect for historical integrity, and not necessarily the most money.