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Lo Stella Ristorante, Honor Society Get Reviewed

This is what the critics are talking about this week.

Honor Society
Honor Society
Adam Larkey

Fine casual spot Honor Society was reviewed by Westword. Critic Gretchen Kurtz enjoyed the healthier menu options such as the cedar-plank salmon with lemon juice, olive oil and dill, which worked best on top of a salad. The sandwiches were much less successful because, in her words, "the bread wasn't crusty enough." The stars  of teh menu were the fried chicken with chia seeds and the braised short ribs. According to Kurtz, "friends and I reached for first, the ones we fought over." Overall, the restaurant was good, but lacked when it came to consistency.

Fourteen month Italian spot Lo Stella was came under the microscope of the Denver Post. Located in the Golden Triangle, the restaurant is owned by Portofino native Alessandro Polo, an eighth generation restaurateur. According to critic Bill Porter, the spacious and classic restaurant reflects years of delicious Italian food. For the most part, Porter enjoyed the pasta, however the gnocchi seemed overcooked, despite a winning sauce. The spaghetti with marinara, on the other hand, was perfectly cooked, and the marinara was "intense and garlicky. The selection of seafood was also lauded and so was the veal. Regardless of a few minor hiccups with flavor and texture in some dishes, Porter is hopeful that, in a neighborhood where restaurants come and go,  "Lo Stella has staying power."

Lo Stella Ristorante

1135 Bannock Street, , CO 80204 (303) 825-1995 Visit Website

Honor Society

1900 16th St Unit C, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 420-0614