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GoodBird Kitchen Longmont Will Open Early in January

Fried chicken enthusiasts have one more place to get their fix.

GoodBird Kitchen
GoodBird Kitchen
Adam Larkey

The first free-standing GoodBird Kitchen will open in Longmont on January 5. Part of the Big Red F ​Restaurant ​Group​, the fried chicken spot will launch on 1258 Hover Road  bringing its award-winning bird, beer, and pies. The concept was originally born inside the Post Brewing Company in Lafayette in 2014 to great reviews. 2016 will bring at least one more location of GoodBird at the Stanley Marketplace.

In Longmont, the dining room aims for fun and comfort with large booths, picnic tables for big families, a full bar and a patio. Counter service will be offered as guests walk in with full service once they are seated at a cozy spot in the dining room. Owner Dave Query estimates about 60 seconds from the time a guest pulls on the door until they have an ice-cold beer in their hand. A beer cart will be roaming the dining room when seconds are needed.

The menu at the new eatery will differ slightly from the one at the Post. Unlike the Lafayette spot, GoodBird Kitchen will have more complete platters that are ready to eat in or take home. These will include a main dish, a side, and a biscuit. The Fried and Rotisserie Platters, Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and several garden-fresh salads will be mainstays of the menu.

GoodBird Kitchen will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday with happy from 2 to 5 p.m. seven days a week.