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 Beers of Revelation Cat, Liberati's gypsy brewery
Beers of Revelation Cat, Liberati's gypsy brewery
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Italy is fostering a unique and important craft beer scene, and Alex Liberati, brewer behind Revelation Cat gypsy brewery in Rome, has been a key player in that. Much to the excitement of the international craft beer community, Westword reports that Alex Liberati will be opening a brewery in Denver.

Why Denver you ask? Denver is one of the most hospitable places in the country towards anything craft beer, and Liberati has already established some fantastic contact in the beer industry here. Bryan Jansing and Paul Vismara of Falling Rock Tap House (co-authors of Italy: Beer Country), and the ownership behind award-winning Spangalang Brewery, have already extended the Colorado brewing community warmth to Liberati and encouraged the Italian brewer to choose Denver as the location for his flagship American brewery

And it's not just Italian beer that Liberati plans to bring with him. The brewery space, which is in a non-disclosed location downtown, will also include a restaurant and quaint rows of shops, just like in the Old Country, vending Italian goods like gelato, coffee, and snacks.

Liberati and his business partners are expected to take possession of the Denver space in the spring of 2016, and will disclose more details on the exciting project then.