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Chuey FU's Food Truck Plans for Brick-and-Mortar

Popular Latin-Asian food truck will park on Santa Fe in spring 2016.

Chuey FU's
Chuey FU's

Chuey FU's, the Latin-Asian food truck seen at Civic Center Eats and parked around town, will open a permanent brick-and-mortar shop next spring, Westword reports. Since gaining popularity around Denver, Knoblich is ready for a permanent home for Chuey FU's and has selected a space at 1131 Santa Fe Drive, the former location of Nate's Crown Liquors.

According to Founder Joe Knoblich, when he tired of "opening restaurants working day and night for someone else," a few years back, he tracked down a truck online, picked it up in California, and drove cross-country back to Denver. The concept is representative of his two favorite cuisines, Latin and Asian. The small but satisfying menu encourages patrons to "pick your filler," with options such as grilled chorizo with sesame peanut sauce and miso grilled tofu, topped with cabbage, red onion and cilantro. Then guests are prompted to "pick their vessel": burrito, quesadilla, tacos or rice bowls.

Assuming all goes according to plan to acquire necessary liquor licenses, the new spot is set to open next spring.

Chuey FU's

1131 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204, USA

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