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The Buzz and Bust on the Fine Casual Honor Society

Justin Brunson's new fast-casual venture is garnering mixed results.

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Adam Larkey

The Multifunctional News: The 16th Street Mall eatery functions well both as a quick daytime lunch and a classier dinner/drinks option: "Try the metabolic paleo coffee and chicken chorizo rolled taco. Or go for dinner and a drink. Done both, big fan." [Google +]

The Weird Vibes News: A few online reviewers cited a strangeness in the overall experience of dining at Honor Society in their opinions: "Short rib, creamy mashed sweet potatoes, and Caesar salad for $12.75? I'm game. This meal was great, but the vibe in the place was weird." [Yelp]

The Sweet Potato News: Nearly every positive online review of Honor Society highlighted the mashed sweet potatoes as a high point of the food. One Facebook reviewer claims: "I am literally addicted to the mashed sweet potatoes. Addicted." [Facebook]

The Not Horrible News: Many reviewers found Brunson's new spot to be good in a very general way. One reviewer shares a mixed review that doesn't outright criticize the restaurant but alludes to mediocrity: "The food was interesting, especially for a fast casual concept. I got the steak with mac and cheese, and it was all generally good. The steak was a little cold, and the mac was a little devoid of flavor, but not horrible." [Zomato]

The Happy Hour Booyah News: Happy hour at Honor Society is praised in many reviews of the restaurant: "We all had different flat breads. We were there around 5:00pm and happy hour prices were on. Everyone loved their food. I would recommend this place." [Trip Advisor]

The Price News: Probably the most widespread response to Honor Society online is that the price point is too high: "One of the only things preventing me from making this a weekly lunch location is the price point. Everything is a little high for lunch at a fast casual place where I order at a counter." [Yelp]

Honor Society

1900 16th St Unit C, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 420-0614