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Oskar Blues to Open Coffee Spin-Off Shop in RiNo

The craft brewery will bring craft coffee and doughnuts to the RiNo neighborhood in 2016.

Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues Brewery will open a coffee and doughnut spin-off shop at 3490 Larimer Street in May 2016. Hotbox Roasters is a side project for the Longmont-based brewery, and another addition to the variety of craft-inspired concepts like CHUBurger and CyclHOPS Bike Cantina, from the Oskar Blues team.

The folks at Oskar Blues take coffee as seriously as they take beer, which is saying a lot. The coffee brewing process is an artisanal, highly selective business, with beans carefully sourced and roasted. Whole beans will be sold at HotBox Roasters in addition to brewed coffee, and the beans will come packaged in Crowler cans, an Oskar Blues original concept which preserves the maximum freshness of its contents.

As may be expected, some of these coffee beans will not make into your morning cup (or can in this case), but rather be used in the production of coffee-infused beers. At this juncture, Hotbox Roasters has three proprietary coffee blends: Bolivia Newton John, Frank Sumatra, and Kenya Dig It. Stay tuned for more information on the new project as it gets closer to opening.