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Friends of Eater Pick 2015's Best Dining Neighborhood

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One 'hood is seriously dominating the landscape.

Bar Fausto
Bar Fausto
Adam Larkey

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. We've already covered Best Standbys, Top Newcomers, and 2015 in one word. Now it's time to pick the best dining neighborhood. Readers, please add your thoughts to the comments.

William Porter, Denver Post restaurant critic

Lots of competition here, but the edge goes to RiNo.

Lori Midson, Zagat Denver editor

Without question, RiNo. From ambitious restaurants like Rebel (one of the few to push the culinary envelope) to groovy hangouts like Bar Fausto, RiNo dominated the city's culinary landscape.

Jessie Levine, Eater Denver contributor


Linnea Covington, freelance writer, Westword contributor

I think Highlands is tops, and not just because I live here. It's growing in the best possible way.

Gigi Sukin, CoBiz and Eater Denver contributing writer


Jennifer Murphy, freelance writer, AFAR contributor


Brittany Werges, 303 Magazine food editor

I said this last year, and I'm gonna say it again—RiNo continues to be one of the most exciting and dynamic dining neighborhoods. Tons of new spots I really love opened up here in 2015 including Bar Fausto, Finn's Manor, Osaka Ramen and Nocturne. And those only add to the long list of places I currently love in the hood. Plus, with some big new developments coming to the area including Jeff Osaka's and Ken Wolf's Central Market, The Source Hotel with Denver's first New Belgium Brewery, it's only bound to get better.

Andra Zeppelin, Eater Denver editor

Without a question, it is RiNo. So many incredible places have joined the fray in 2015, including Hop Alley, Bar Fausto, Finn's Manor, and Stowaway Coffee, and it seems like there is so much more in the pipeline.

Amanda Faison, 5280 Magazine food editor


Rachel Greiman, Eater Denver contributor


Grace Boyle, Eater Denver contributor


Ruth Tobias, Thrillist contributing writer

If I said anything other than RiNo just to be different, I'd be lying. Although Uptown, my own hood, isn't sucking at all either!

Maya Silver, Dining Out Magazine writer

I love the Berkeley neighborhood with its small town vibe and mix of somewhat older, time-tested spots like Parisi, Hops & Pie, and DJ's Berkeley Cafe, and newcomers such as Il Porcellino, Atomic Cowboy, and Revelry Kitchen.

Megan Barber, Curbed Ski editor

I'm going with Lower Highlands. From old standbys (here's looking at you, Duo and Linger), to newcomers (Avanti, the Occidental, Recess), just when you think LoHi can't get any hotter, it does.

Adam Larkey, Eater Denver photographer

My neighbors in RiNo.

Rebecca Treon, freelance writer, Denver Post contributor

Sunnyside and RiNo.