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Restaurant Pros on the Biggest Dining Surprises of 2015

It has been a wild year in the dining scene.

Q: What was the biggest dining surprise of 2015

Linnea Covington, freelance writer, Westword contributor

So much good pizza popping up.

Gigi Sukin, CoBiz and Eater Denver contributor

OneFold - everything was beautifully presented and tasted even better than it looked.

Jennifer Murphy, freelance writer, AFAR contributor

The emergence of so many 24 hour food hubs like Avanti, Union Station, and the Source becoming social gathering spots.

Brittany Werges, 303 Magazine food editor

Oh man, with so many openings it was surprising to also see some major closures this year. The departure of Lower48 really broke my heart. I had some of the best meals I've ever had in Denver there. it was hard to say goodbye. I really hope they come back and open another spot!

Andra Zeppelin, Eater Denver editor

The closure of Tom's Home Cookin'. I guess you think some places will never close. This was one of those for me.

Amanda Faison, 5280 Magazine food editor

The sale, and thus closure, of Tom's Home Cookin'.

Ruth Tobias, Thrillist contributing writer

A long-overdue improvement on the barbecue front. Why now? Who knows. The answer is definitely not the price of meat.Jessie Levine, Eater Denver contributor

Tom's Home Cookin' closes!? A major blow.

Lori Midson, Zagat Denver editor

From the surprise shutterings of Le Central and Tom's Home Cookin' to the closure of Fuel Café, we lost some very good restaurants.

Maya Silver, Dining Out Magazine writer

How many classic seemingly successful restaurants closed their doors. That and how frequently Guy Fieri seems to be coming to our state--he's amassing quite the Colorado portfolio.

William Porter, Denver Post restaurant critic

The departure of Brian Laird after his short stint opening Sarto's. Yes, I know the restaurant business is flighty and volatile, but I thought Laird, who made his name at Barolo Grill, had found a home at this creative Italian spot in Jefferson Park. The kitchen was putting out excellent food, and then poof, he was gone.

Adam Larkey, Eater Denver photographer

The closings of quite a few notable and successful restaurants.

Rebecca Treon, freelance writer, Denver Post contributor

Tom's Home Cookin' closing!

Grace Boyle, Eater Denver contributor

That Brussels sprouts and kale are still a novelty and on every menu.

Rachel Greiman, Eater Denver contributor

The closing of Tom's Home Cookin' ... there were plenty of iconic Denver restaurants that shuttered this year, but that one knocked the wind out of everybody's sails.