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Quizno's Hopes to Rebrand with Newly-Opened Grill Concept

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The Denver-born sandwich chain opened its new concept in the Golden Triangle yesterday.

Quizno's Grill

Anyone whose commute shoots them down the Broadway corridor has probably asked themselves: what the heck is Quizno's Grill? The expanded Quizno's concept opened yesterday at 1147 Broadway, three blocks away from the flagship Quizno's location, and features both a menu and atmosphere different enough from Quiznos' other sandwich retailers to merit the appendage.

First of all, the new Quizno's Grill will serve wine and beer on tap, as well as a slightly more grown-up menu with mature items like kale salad. Apparently, the move to expand the core brand here in Denver has the goal of attracting a new customer base for increased profitability for the chain, which emerged from bankruptcy last year. The Broadway spot will also function as the test kitchen for potentially restructuring other Quizno's locations.

Quiznos Grill

1147 Broadway, Denver, CO (303) 534-0796

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