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The Hot Dish: The Lamb Loin at Table 6

A new item from Table 6 with sides as delicious as the entree.

Traditional comfort food is as much about the side dishes as it is about the mains. And though Table 6 prides itself on twists, here is where chef Mike Winston sticks with the classics; the accompaniments to his main courses are show-stoppers themselves.

The new lamb loin pairs with a sweet braised red cabbage dish and homemade date and chèvre pierogi. "I used to work in a hotel up in vail with some German and Austrian chefs. They made this cabbage dish and used baking spices in it. I haven't made it in almost 10 years but I felt like it would go perfect with the lamb," explains Winston.

The cabbage marinates in sugar, a bottle of red wine, and salt overnight, combining with caramelized onions, brown sugar, apples, cider vinegar, and fresh berries the next day. The result is a tangy warm slaw, a bed for the rest of the plate.

Chef fills the pierogi with goat cheese, dates, shallots, citrus zest, and creme fraiche. These sit on that bed of cabbage, next to the pan-seared lamb, topped with a fun chimichurri.

"I like the simplicity of it all. The whole dish is sweet and savory. And a great wine washes it down perfectly—one that's fruity, bright, and full-bodied." His recommendation (and ours now) is a glass of 2013 Ex Umbris Syrah.

Table 6

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