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Roadhouse Boulder Depot Opens This Weekend

Get ready for a fried mac n' cheese burger, Boulder.

Roadhouse Boulder Depot's Sister restaurant, Urban Roadhouse Downtown
Roadhouse Boulder Depot's Sister restaurant, Urban Roadhouse Downtown

From the hospitality group behind Spanky's Urban Roadhouse and The Dusty Boot, comes a new Boulder outpost, opening sometime this weekend in the historic Boulder train depot at 2366 Junction Pl.

Roadhouse Boulder Depot will be similar to its sister restaurants under the Roadhouse Hospitality Group ownership in the sense that it will provide a casual, multipurpose setting and fun food. The menu runs the gamut from a separate gluten-free appendage to appease Boulder's numerous celiacs, to a straight-up fried mac n' cheese burger - providing both extremes and everything in between. The restaurant will differ from its sister concepts in its incorporation of elements of the Boulder train depot into its theme, as well as contributing to the revamping of the depot overall.

The new spot will run a killer happy hour and awesome, train-themed promotions like "the caboose," a free 8-ounce pilsner pour to everybody sitting at the bar when a train passes. The restaurant will be open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

Roadhouse Boulder Depot

Junction Pl, Boulder, CO 80301, USA