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Fort Collins Bar Flips Budweiser Off After Anti Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad

You don't mess with craft beer in a place like Fort Collins.

Paul Michaelsen, Matador Mexican Grill
Paul Michaelsen, Matador Mexican Grill
The Coloradan

Budweiser's snarky anti-craft brewery Super Bowl ad made a Fort Collins bar say no more to its brews, 9 News reported. "You'll probably never see a Budweiser product here again," Paul Michaelsen owner of Matador Mexican Grill shared all because Anheuser-Busch chose to poke fun at small quirky craft beers.

While showing some fellas sniffing a flight of craft brews, the ad says "Let them sip their pumpkin peach ale." By the end of this week, Matador Mexican Grill has committed to only serving craft beers and MillerCoors products.