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Pastry Wiz Nadine Donovan Exits From Old Major

She has been with the restaurant since its opening two years ago.

Nadine Donovan
Nadine Donovan
Adam Larkey

Pastry chef Nadine Donovan announced yesterday that she is departing Old Major, the LoHi hot spot helmed by chef Justin Brunson. The dessert queen has been with the restaurant since it opened nearly two years ago. "The two year mark was what made me think it is time for me to move on and try something new, a new adventure," she explained.

There are no clear plans for Donovan but she knows this much: "I definitely want to be in Denver. It has become such a cool town and I want to be part of it. And I want to work with cool people." Early yesterday, she shared that she was willing to stay on until the restaurant found a replacement, whether that was a week or a month. Later Donovan updated and shared that she is no longer there effective immediately, a decision that was not hers. It isn't clear who will fill the big shoes that the pastry chef is leaving at Old Major.

Old Major

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