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Minus A Few Bells & Whistles, The Chowder Room Impresses Patrons

Hear what all the Chowder Room buzz is about.

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Chowder Room
Chowder Room
Adam Larkey

The Vegan Chowder News: Although the vegan chowder isn't floating with seafood and potatoes, the main ingredients in any good chowder, food critic Amanda Faison tells patrons not to worry. "Order it anyway. You'll be rewarded with a filling bowl of coconut milk–rich green curry brimming with roasted cauliflower and eggplant." She boasts the daring take on the New England-style chowder as excellent. [5280]

The Bread & Mussels News: One Facebook reviewer enjoyed the chowder, but isn't sure he'll be back after being charged for something he expected to be free. "The Yukon (salmon) chowder was awesome but the Niçoise salad not so much and the mussels ok. Disappointed they charge you for bread to have with the mussels. Not sure we will be back." [Facebook]

The Everything News: One Yelp reviewer reviewer is sure to be back after dining at the Chowder Room on opening night. His experience was perfect and the food was fantastic. "The service was outstanding- friendly, extremely knowledgable and no lingering dirty plates. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and a welcome addition to the neighborhood." [Yelp]

The Size News: One reviewer got some chowders to-go and wasn't impressed with his $7.50 "cup." Although the size and price didn't match up for this reviewer, the chowder was excellent. The reviewer gave the place another shot, ordered a burger, and said it was one of the best he'd ever had. [Google+]

The Chef News: Owner and chef Matt Stein notes his love for seafood and the comfort that a bowl of chowder holds. "I love and adore seafood, and the menu, which was discussed at several family meetings, is a tribute to all of the great seafood meals that I've eaten and cooked." [Zagat]

The Knock-Out Chowder News: One reviewer's Chowder Room experience was all around a good time, but the chowder is what did him in good. "Starting with the chowder...probably one of the best I have had.  Loaded, I mean really loaded, with clams, and so velvety smooth with just the right amount of spice and richness.  I should have ordered a bowl...if they had a bathtub sized serving I might order that next time!" [Yelp]

Chowder Room

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