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Guard & Grace, Mercantile Dining & Provisions Commended

Mercantile Dining & Provisions impresses Westword; Guard & Grace becomes a favorite of 5280 Magazine.

Mercantile Dining & Provision
Mercantile Dining & Provision

Union Station restaurant Mercantile Dining & Provisions was reviewed by Westword's Grace Kurtz this week and received a report of flying colors. She raved over the pot au foie gras; a "no one bit morsel" filled with carrots, eggplant, croissant, and foie gras. Kurtz claimed that the food is not only better, but more daring, which award-winning chef Alex Seidel is able to do in the restaurant's large open kitchen. Also noted was the "promising" breakfast and lunch options that included "an array of dishes for comfort-seeking guests."

Guard and Grace impressed 5280 Magazine's Stacey Brugeman. What she liked most about this  restaurant is how chef Troy Guard "has shown great restraint in a genre that requires it," as he has been known to push boundaries. Brugeman was "dazzled" by a chilled lobster appetizer and the unsurprisingly "impressive" steak and scallops that contained "a noteworthy merging of spicy, salty, and bright." Noting a few minor missteps with the service, she ended with a prediction that Guard "might just win over an entire town of longtime steak lovers."

Mercantile Dining and Provision

1701 Wynkoop Street, , CO 80202 (720) 460-3733 Visit Website

Guard and Grace

500 Dallas Street, , TX 77002 (346) 326-0789 Visit Website