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The Crumb Cafe, Sister To Cake Crumbs, Will Open in the Former Adagio Space

There will be cakes but also an emphasis on breakfast and lunch cafe-style items.

This spring, the Hilltop/Crestmoor neighborhoods will get a new bakery and cafe, the Crumb Cafe. A spin-off from very popular Cake Crumbs located in Park Hill, the Crumb Cafe is owned by the creators of the Cupcake Truck, Denon and Sean Moore. "We are so excited for the opportunity to open there," says Denon Moore. "We are promoting a couple of people from our current staff to help open the new location; we plan to open on April 1."

Their new outpost will open in the space formerly occupied by Adagio Bakery & Cafe at 217 South Holly Street in a complex that also houses a location of Parkburger and High Point Creamery. Adagio quietly closed the doors to both of its outlets (the other was located at  4628 E. 23rd Avenue) late last year.

The Crumb Cafe will import much of its successful format from the Park Hill location with a larger emphasis on the cafe part and no custom cakes. Fear not, there will be cakes and cupcakes, but should you want a special cake for a birthday, you'll have to order it at the other location.

A quick serve breakfast will be offered, including bagels and morning pastries, as well as espresso drinks made with locally-roasted Novo Coffee. Lunch will be served starting at 11 a.m. daily and will range from a variety of salads to sandwiches like a Reuben and French Dip and soups like chicken noodle and chili. "We want our guests to be able to eat in the cafe but also take their lunch to go back to work if they have to," explained owner Denon Moore.

The Moores plan to update the space to make it their own — add personal touches to make it cozier, bring bakery display cases for its baked goods, add counter space to make it more functional — but given that the bakery is only nine months old, no major construction is planned.

The Crumb Cafe will be open daily until 8 p.m. and will serve breakfast all day and lunch starting at 11 and through close.