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Trademark Dispute Settled for Boulder's Piece, Love & Chocolate

The homegrown Boulder sweets shop was hit with a cease and desist letter.

Piece, Love & Chocolate
Piece, Love & Chocolate
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Earlier this week, Eater reported on the legal battle between Pearl Street Mall's Piece, Love & Chocolate, and Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat. PL&C's owner, Sarah Amorese, had posted an open letter to Vosges and its owner, Katrina Markoff, after receiving a cease and desist letter claiming trademark violations.

Now come news via the Daily Camera that Piece, Love & Chocolate will be able to keep its name, though the details of the agreement are not something Amorese is allowed to discuss. The small-business owner originally stated in her letter that she was told to stop using the name within one week of receiving the C&D. A follow-up blog post on Tuesday aimed to "make several corrections" about Amorese's open letter, which explained that she had misinterpreted certain details of the attorneys' letter and ultimately issued an apology:

Finally, I guess I am most concerned about some of the negative comments about Katrina and Vosges since the posting of my letter. I never intended for anyone to disparage her personally or attack her company, and for that I am sorry. I would ask all my followers to stop posting negative comments about her or her company online. That’s not the "Pieceful" thing to do.

Piece, Love, & Chocolate

805 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 449-4804