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Indulge French Bistro
Indulge French Bistro

Indulge French Bistro, a 7-year-old restaurant in Highlands, has closed, reported Cafe Society. The bistro was placed in an ad on Zillo by chef William Wahl a year ago, selling for its listed price at $200,000. Wahl positively acknowledged the restaurant's changing of hands, stating that "It is time for us for some new adventures!" to his fellow associates.

Also leaving the Denver scene is Rustic Tavern, a quintessential dive bar located in Edgewater. JoAnn Turner and her husband's 58-year-old bar did go out with a bang though, holding a final Super Bowl party that "saw the bar drained almost dry," according to Cafe Society. The space holds much potential for another hot spot to be created there in the future.

Continuing the trend is La Scala, an Italian Eatery north of West Washington Park that will be replaced by a Colorado and Florida based chain called the Garlic Knot. Ice cream bars, New York Pizza, pasta and of course homemade garlic knots are highlighted in Cafe Society's article. La Scala shuttered on January 31, ending its 3.5 years of business.