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Bar Uncle Will Join the RiNo Neighborhood Dining Boom

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The new attraction is a spin-off the very popular Uncle ramen shop in LoHi.

3500 Larimer Street
3500 Larimer Street

Tommy Lee, the owner of Uncle in LoHi, will open his new venture, Bar Uncle, in the RiNo neighborhood at 3500 Larimer Street. The 1,900 square foot space is located in a building that is currently being redeveloped on the very hot Larimer strip. Lee has been looking for space for a new business for a while and finally settled on this one. The building can accommodate up to three more tenants for similar uses.

Bar Uncle, a name that Lee may change, will be mainly Chinese-influenced but a definitive menu has yet to be written. His first restaurant, Uncle, located at  2215 West 32nd Avenue, is mainly focused on ramen, with several other small dishes to compete the menu.