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Seeds Café Will Open at the Boulder Public Library

The new addition to the main Boulder library, off of Broadway and Arapahoe Avenue, will open in early April.

Boulder Public Library
Boulder Public Library

By April, the Boulder Public Library will become a more appealing destination: Seeds Café, a casual new eatery, will open its doors inside space located at 1001 Arapahoe Avenue.

The new spot will be helmed by general manager Howard Caplan, former owner of Brillig Works Bakery, and will be fully supported in its startup by the Boulder County Farmers Markets. The offerings will range from fresh sandwiches, soups, salads, and baked goods all made with ingredients that will be at least 70 percent purchased locally.

Menu items include, among others, carrot-ginger chowder; grilled eggplant panini with balsamic roasted onions, vegetables, greens and a spread of fresh basil pesto; and small pita filled with hummus, seasonal vegetables and house-made honey mustard.

Matthew Kay of Silver Canyon Coffee will be taking care of the café's coffee supply, featuring Silver Canyon’s organic and fair trade coffee roasted in North Boulder. For its coffee needs Seeds Cafe will featured Modbar equipment, an ultra modern coffee system with under-counter guts and above-counter taps.

Seeds Café plans to host several events throughout the year in collaboration with Boulder County Farmers Markets and Boulder Public Library, from coffee workshops, to agriculture-focused panels and farmer picnics and pop-up dinners.

Seeds Café will be open during Boulder Library hours, seven days a week.