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Denver's Best Bars For Dates, Foodies, and More

From Steuben's to Dada Art Bar, there's something for every mood and taste.

Adam Larkey

February is a great month for cozying up inside a bar and sharing a beverage. 5280 Magazine's Kasey Kordell took a look at Denver's booze scene and released a list of the city's best bars.

if you're going on a date bars, head to charming speakeasy-like Ste. Ellie or the "loud, hip, and gritty" Dada Art Bar. If you want a great meal with your drinks, don't miss Old Major and Acorn, and if enjoying local spirits is a priority, don't miss À Côté and Steuben's as well as the "dark and divey" Star Bar. More categories and more bars can be found in the complete article.

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