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Avanti's Sixth Tenant Will Be MiJo, From the Bones Crew

"Bowls without Boundaries" is the forthcoming theme.

Chefs John DePierro and Michael Nevarez at MiJo
Chefs John DePierro and Michael Nevarez at MiJo
Courtesy photo

Five concepts have already signed on for Avanti Food & Beverage, the collective LoHi eatery housed in shipping containers, and now you can add one more to the list: MiJo. Taking global inspiration for noodle and rice bowls, Bones executive chef John DePierro is spearheading the project along with chef Michael Nevarez, who also works the line at Frank Bonanno's noodle spot in Capitol Hill.

MiJo will occupy space on Avanti's first floor, and is set to offer a fresh and fast menu with strong Japanese influences. Though not a ramen shop, there will be an option for a bowl base of brothy udon noodles as well as steamed and sauced rice, then built to order with various treatments. Other dishes include a signature hot fried chicken served daily, small shareable appetizers, and sushi.

Combining the names Michael and John to get the name, MiJo is also a slang phrase meaning "my little son" in Spanish. The two friends, who met on the line at Bones, intend for MiJo to be a more casual offshoot in terms of price and speed. Avanti's final tenant is expected to be announced later this week, with an overall May opening date.