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Glaze's New Powerhouse Dish: Fried Chicken and Matcha Waffles

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The only thing better than fried chicken and waffles is fried chicken and matcha waffles.

On January 20, Glaze, the Japanese-inspired bakery located in Congress Park, launched a new menu and concept. The bakery, which still focuses on classic Japanese baum cakes, moved away from sushi and entered a new era, that of a casual eatery offering bistro-inspired fare with a pan-Asian twist. Chef Kris Padalino, formerly of Bittersweet, created comforting and approachable dishes with the neighborhood clientele in mind.

Highlights of the menu include the lobster roll, pork belly hash, and salmon tartare, but the superstar is the matcha waffles and fried chicken dish. Dense and deeply green waffles are made with classic ingredients plus matcha powder and orange liquor. Atop the waffles rests fried chicken crusted in black and white sesame seeds, accented by fresh blackberry syrup with ginger notes. The dish is served with a house-made honey butter.

Glaze is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dinner service will be added soon.


1160 Madison Street, Denver, Co 80206 720 387 7890