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Fruition Turns Eight, Reopens After Makeover

The restaurant welcomed loyal guests into the new dining room on Friday.

On Friday February 6, Fruition turned eight. The acclaimed restaurant owned by chef Alex Seidel took advantage of the anniversary to unveil a brand new look after a two week-long remodel. Local interior designer Jeffrey Elliott reimagined the space into a contemporary, light, and airy dining room.

Once-red walls are now covered in white wood panels. Black and white print art pieces created by artist Geoffrey Ridge complete the approachable interior. Ridge has been a waiter at Fruition since day one and has previously worked with Seidel at Mizuna. There are new cherry wood tables and comfortable chairs, a much larger storage area for wine, and an elegant long banquette in the back of the main dining area.

Most of the menu has also changed. The oysters and the pasta carbonara, staples of the restaurant, are still offered for dinner daily, but the rest of the menu is brand new. Sure winners include the split pea and ham soup and the rabbit cassoulet.

Fruition Restaurant

1313 E 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 303 831 1992