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Brace For Komotodo, Denver's First Sushi Burrito Restaurant

It's a burrito? It's a sushi roll? No... it's Komotodo's trendy Sushi Burrito.


In a city that loves few things more than its burritos and sushi, newbie restauranteur Alonzo Martinez is combing the two favorites and opening the first ever sushi-burrito restaurant in Denver. Komotodo Sushi Burrito will be a fast-casual contemporary restaurant with a menu of 12 different exotic sushi burritos, make your own salads, and desserts. Burrito fillers include asian favorites like salmon and crab, classic elements like steak and chicken, and a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and sauces to complete this magnified sushi roll.

Martinez is "super excited to bring this unique restaurant concept to Denver and knows it's going to be a huge success." The sushi burrito can only be found in a few other locations across the US, making Martinez the Colorado pioneer of this budding trend. A Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign was recently launched to help money to speed up the construction for the restaurant. Komotodo is set to open at 1512 Larimer Street in early May.

Last November, Motomaki brought Japanese-inspired burritos to Boulder. Called Moto-rolls, the creations are basically  big burrito size sushi rolls big burrito-size sushi rolls that will likely break after a few bites into a big tasty mess.


, Boulder, CO (720) 943-2030