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Tables Is a Hit; The Village Cork Gets Caught in Confusion

This is what the critics had to say this week.


Coming in with a three-star review, Tables impressed The Denver Post's William Porter. One highlight at Tables is  the seasonal menus. Porter proclaims that any choice from the menu is a good one. The deviled eggs, featuring cornichon relish, capers, and parsley vinaigrette, are recommended for a starter. Porter suggests the pork chops and duck breast for main courses. The decor at the Park Hill restaurant is rustic, making it cozy for diners. Cocktails are worth a try, with the Housing Setting Sun being a good bet.

Wash Park's Village Cork isn't quite meeting expectations according to Westword's Gretchen Kurtz. The recently renovated space maintains its charm with a new bar and full liquor license, as well as more space for chef de cuisine Edwin Font to do his thing. Kurtz isn't convinced the food matches the ambiance, but one thing Village Cork seems to know is soup. From mushroom to creamy kale, both charm. A well-cooked hanger steak featuring peppercorns and a polenta cake is another good choice for diners. Focus is what the Village Cork needs. It is lacking small plates, essential to a wine bar, Kurtz noticed. "No longer a casual wine bar, not yet a refined restaurant, the Village Cork is caught between stages."


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The Village Cork

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