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Breweries and Food Trucks: An Exercise in Symbiosis

A journey to three of the hottest breweries in Denver as well as a look at the fantastic food trucks parked out front.

Maine Street Barbeque at Comrade Brewing in Aurora
Maine Street Barbeque at Comrade Brewing in Aurora
Jessie Levine

In this city, the brewing and food truck industries have grown in direct relation to one another in the last few years. The beer world has created a need for mobile food purveyors offering abundant choices and endless variety as most tap rooms provide no food. We looked at many breweries around town and their respective food truck counterparts and these three combinations stood out.

  • Comrade Brewing. The Aurora spot is brewing to a level of maturity far beyond its years. The Superpower IPA is widely considered the best in that category coming out of Colorado right now. It is a textbook specimen of that piney, citrusy, and resinous style that hop heads anywhere would kill for a pint of. Put that downright perfect beer next to a lobster roll, steaming cup of clam chowder, and pile of macaroni and cheese from mobile food service, Maine Street Barbeque, and you're in business. The truck's innovative approach to East Coast seafood classics is not only impeccable alongside Comrade's masterful beer, it is incredibly economical. Fresh lobster, crisp iceberg lettuce for texture, and crusty baguette, accompanied by creamy (yet not too heavy) clam chowder and peppered mac n' cheese was an absolute win.
  • Grandma's House Brewing. The cozy atmosphere at this South Broadway spot is complete with knit tap handles, antiquated gaming consoles, rocking chairs, dishes of candy, and knick-knacks galore. Patrons can rock their worries away while sipping on a light, spicy, and fruity French style saison. On certain Saturdays, the small brewing collective features a food truck called the Bakin' Bakery. Savory hand pies and donuts are the stars of this show. The pulled pork pop tart served with black garlic gravy, raspberry Sriracha meatballs, and chocolate stout and vanilla bourbon donuts with homemade sprinkles are worthy of praise. The Bakin' Bakery displays creative pastry chops with both savory and sweet options that would pair well with a wide range of different brews.
  • Station 26 Brewing. Located in quiet, residential Park Hill, this kitschy neighborhood favorite was built in an old firehouse and takes great pride in brewing a collection of diverse beers suitable for any taste. The award-winning Colorado Cream Ale weighs in at slightly over five percent alcohol by volume. With mild flavors of citrus, light grains, and a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel, this is the quintessential patio beer for these lengthening spring evenings. When paired with the culinary prowess of Roaming Bull Brasserie food truck, it is an optimal scenario. Roaming Bull's constantly changing menu is self-described as "classic European cuisine with a modern twist." The tapas-style dishes range from tempura broccoli with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce, panzanella salad, hearty top sirloin gyro, and beyond. The inventive depth of this mobile food purveyor has garnered an almost cult-like following amongst brewery-goers.

Grandma's House

1710 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 (303) 578-6754 Visit Website

Comrade Brewing Company

7667 East Iliff Avenue, , CO 80231 (720) 748-0700 Visit Website

Station 26 Brewing Co.

7045 38th Avenue, , CO 80207 (303) 333-1825 Visit Website