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The Chowder Room Knows Stew; Table 6 Keeps Neighborhood Charm

See what critics are saying about the oldies and the goodies.

The Chowder Room
The Chowder Room
Adam Larkey

South Broadway's The Chowder Room shouldn't be looked over just because it sits a mile above sea level and several states away from oceans. Denver Post critic William Porter assures diners that owners Matt and Carrie Stein know how to do stew up a bowl of chowder. The New England clam chowder is perfectly creamy, loaded with clams and potatoes, and has just the right touch of smoked bacon. The vegan chowder is also a hit - even with meat-eaters. Another must-have: the small skillet of barbecued Mexican shrimp. Burgers, sides, and a pan-fried chicken sandwich were also given a good nod. Don't forget to leave room for dessert.

Table 6 has still got it, according to Westword food critic Gretchen Kurtz. Service and charm remain as it did eleven years ago when the restaurant put down its first plate. Even after changing chefs more than once, Table 6 remains very strong- "The menu is still smart — approachable enough for everyone to find something to eat, yet quirky enough that it isn't tired," Kurtz noted. The dishes that once made critics and diners say "wow," have now become the comfort food across the dining community. That's not to say Table 6's menu isn't good; it's still delicious - just not something that gets a big show. Kurtz adds, "More than anything, this is food that real life happens by, the stuff of dinners with Grandma, date nights, friends deepening a friendship." Diners can do without the dry short ribs and tough ravioli. The question remains: will "comfortable and enjoyable" be enough for this neighborhood spot to keep on keepin' on?

Chowder Room

560 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (303) 777-3474 Visit Website

Table 6

609 Corona Street, , CO 80218 (303) 831-8800 Visit Website