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The First Word on the New D Bar in Uptown

Three months into the opening of this new sweet and savory emporium, the buzz is just building up.

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D Bar
D Bar
Adam Larkey

The New Location News: One Yelp reviewer continues to name D Bar as one of her favorite restaurants and dessert joints in Denver, even after the location change. She noted the beautiful ambiance, friendly staff and incredible food. "I was finally able to stop by and check out the new D Bar recently. The only way that I can describe it? Breathtaking." [Yelp]

The Breakfast & Brunch News: This OpenTable reviewer may be old-fashioned, but was disappointed in the limited breakfast and brunch options. The guest also wanted a cup of good old brewed coffee, and D Bar only offers French press and specialty coffees at a high price. He didn't let these two things take away from the fact that "The food was very delicious." [OpenTable]

The Incredible Service News: D Bar makes a Thanksgiving apple crumb pie during the holiday. One Facebook reviewer had the pleasure of trying D Bar's holiday exclusive pie, but was was quickly let down when he found out it was only around for a short time. He called during the Christmas holiday to check if the apple crumb pie had returned, and D Bar put in a special order just for him. "They totally made my week and the pies were amazingly good." [Facebook]

Fresh Baked Cookie News: One Urbanspoon user tells D Bar guests to go for the fresh baked cookies. D Bar isn't all about fancy desserts and savory dishes, they also serve the dessert classics. "The peanut butter cookies were to die for!" [Urbanspoon]

The Fantastic News: Some D Bar advocates take to Twitter to express their opinions. One tweet reads: "Fantastic food, fantastic dessert, and fantastic staff! Be back soon D Bar!" [Twitter]

The Credit Card Machine News: D Bar guests might want to think about paying with cash after reading one reviewer's recent credit card experience. "...Your incompetent credit/debit card machine was taking a week to 9 days to actually take money out of my (def not overflowing) bank account." [Google+]

The Dessert News: Denver Post food critic William Porter tells guests, "Regular lunch and dinner items are by no means ignored - they are actually quite good - but dessert is the star." Porter raved about the raspberry milkshake, and if you can down it all - he suggests opting for the cake-n-shake. It includes a three-layer chocolate cake and the guest's choice of milkshake. Porter is excited for peach season to come around, hoping for an incredible fresh fruit concoction. [DP]

d bar

1475 E 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 303 861 4710